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Coloring-Contest-1st-place-11plusSeon Anti-bullying Contests

Seon holds anti-bullying contests throughout the year to engage with educators, school bus drivers, transportation staff, parents, and children. The results have been extremely positive and rewarding — Seon has found that the contests spark inspiring and educational conversations about bullying, and serve as tools to open communication about anti-bullying awareness. 

Coloring Contests

In October 2014, Seon launched the “A Bully-Free Zone” coloring contest to further spread awareness about bullying, to create safe and respectful environment for youth. The competition was a huge success, with over 500 entries submitted from almost 50 school districts across Canada and the US.

Seon's 2014 Coloring Contest Winners

In October, 2013, for National Bullying Prevention Month, Seon held the first coloring contest, "Bullies Aren't Cool". There were over 1,300 submissions from almost 50 school districts across the United States and Canada — it was an overwhelming success. Seon's coloring contest will occur annually in the month of October. 

Seon's 2013 Coloring Contest Winner

School Bus Driver Facebook Contest

In May, 2014, Seon held a month long school bus driver contest. To enter, school bus drivers sent Seon's Facebook page a message. In the message, they included a photo of themselves at their school bus, and told us 1. How they prevent bullying on the school bus, and 2. Why they love their job. Then we added the entries to a Seon Facebook Album called, "School Bus Drivers Preventing Bullying". The awareness about how school bus drivers prevent bullying increased significantly, and we loved sharing their stories and featuring their photos. Check out the winner below — you'll be glad you did!

Facebook Bus Driver Contest Winner

  • Donations

    Between October 1st and December 31st, 2013, Seon donated a portion of the proceeds of every school bus camera system sold to raise money for anti-bullying education and awareness campaigns. Find out more about Seon's anti-bullying grant!
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  • Contests

    Seon holds anti-bullying contests to help raise awareness and highlight anti-bullying advocates throughout North America. Learn more about Seon's annual coloring contest!
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  • Resources

    Seon hands out anti-bullying resources at school bus tradeshows. Visit the Seon booth to receive Seon's latest materials, such as anti-bullying medals, pins, tote bags, and more! You can enter to win your own Bully Project Educator's DVD and Toolkit — find out more!
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  • Buddy the Bear

    Buddy is Seon's Safety Bear! He offers support and advice about anti-bullying education and awareness. Buddy will attend some school bus tradeshows at the Seon booth, such as the STN Expo in Reno. Meet Buddy to get your picture taken with him!
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  • Blog Articles

    Seon has a blog series on anti-bullying to raise awareness and provide resources to support anti-bullying strategies. Learn ways to combat bullying on and off the school bus. Visit Seon's blog now to read more on the subject of anti-bullying.
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  • Other Campaigns

    Seon supports other programs such as “Pink Shirt Day,” an annual campaign in Canada to support anti-bullying. We also partner with “The Bully Project,” the social action campaign inspired by the award-winning film, “BULLY.” Click to learn more!
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