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13-Channel High-definition Mobile DVR

Serious about safety

This advanced video recording system will support your plans for on-board security, now and in the future. The DX-HD DVR is Seon’s top-of-line 13-channel mobile digital video recorder and one of the most technologically advanced on the mobile surveillance market.  The DX-HD includes one high-definition video channel for superior image clarity.

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13-channel-dvrSee What You've Been Missing
Get 3x the resolution with the high-definition video channel.

Ideal for Real-time Viewing
Dual streaming technology supports real-time viewing over cellular or WiFi.

Sophisticated Yet Simple to Use
Get all the advanced features you need for serious surveillance.

Key Features

  • 12 analog channels with audio plus one HD video channel
  • Up to 2 TB recording space
  • Built-in Inertia sensor for driver monitoring
  • Dual hard drives for fail-safe design & double the storage
  • Dual streaming technology for remote viewing
  • DVR Health-Check
  • Video synchronized with GPS location
  • WiFi-ready for easy video retrieval
  • Panic/diagnostics button for event marking


  • Media cartridge with hard drive
  • Hard drive reader
  • GPS4

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