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16-Channel Hybrid Digital Video Recorder

Ready for the future of Mobile Surveillance

Packed with powerful features, this hybrid digital video recorder will prepare you for the future of video surveillance while letting you choose the pace. This hybrid system supports both analog and IP cameras so you can introduce high-definition camera views as your needs and your budget allow, while preserving your initial analog camera investment and without sacrificing video retention times.

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explorer hx16 feature imageClear Evidence. Better Decisions.
More camera coverage and HD image clarity gives you the evidence you need to make better decisions faster and reduce liability costs.

Analog or IP Cameras: Your Choice.
Hybrid technology lets you extend the life of your existing analog standard resolution cameras while adding up to four IP high-definition views.

Cost-Effective Upgrade
Phase in the latest IP camera technology to support safety and security needs as your budget allows and preserve your existing analog camera investment.

Key Features

  • 16 Channels of video and audio recording; 12 analog and 4 high-definition IP channels
  • Up to 4 TB of storage for maximum retention times
  • Fail-safe design with dual hard drives
  • Optional SD card back-up
  • New IP Camera options: low-profile dome or exterior wedge
  • Fast plug ‘n play IP camera installation
  • Smart-stop battery saver technology powers down DVR to minimize battery load if no downloads are scheduled by vMax Commander
  • Integrated G-sensor monitors vehicle inertia against pre-settable thresholds
  • Graceful shutdown in case of sudden power loss stores buffered video to DVR hard drive
  • Supports geo-fencing to deliver alerts when a vehicle enters/exits a pre-defined boundary
  • Integrated lock-box with locking front panel and rear cable shroud

GPS, panic button, HDD Dock

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