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Stop Violence Against Drivers

What are you doing to reduce the risk?


Daily news headlines tell the horrifying tale of drivers being slapped, punched, kicked and even stabbed while trying to complete their daily routes. The nature of their job, working alone, with the public, collecting money, in a small confined space, puts them at risk.

Operator assaults have increased by 31% over the last six years. In addition to the physical and emotional toll these assaults take on the individual, they have a lasting financial impact on the transit system.

Lost work hours, absenteeism, worker's compensation claims, and lawsuits are just the beginning, and can lead to loss of public confidence in the safety of the transit system, decreased ridership, and ultimately reduced fare box collections.

Are you doing everything you can to reduce the risk of injury to your workforce?

Join Our Campaign to Stop Violence Against Drivers

Learn what other transit systems have done to prevent and reduce violence against drivers on their fleet and get bi-weekly tips on how to improve driver safety on yours.

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    Get links to training, best practices, pending legislation, and other organization’s efforts to stop violence against drivers.
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  • Safety Products

    Find out what products are available to prevent violence & protect drivers.
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