Seon is the World’s #1 Supplier of Mobile Video Surveillance for the Bus and Coach Industry

Our premium quality mobile surveillance & fleet management products have made Seon the partner of choice for bus security across North America

Passenger safety, incident management, risk reduction, and budget cuts — transportation managers face many issues, and Seon can help.

Since our inception in 1999, over 3,800 school districts, school bus contractors, public transit agencies and motorcoach operators across North America have chosen Seon’s mobile surveillance and fleet tracking solutions to ensure passenger and driver safety. Our success has led independent research company IMS Research to name Seon as the world’s #1 manufacturer for the bus and coach industries.

Seon understands the real-world challenges of passenger transportation. Feedback from our customers directly influences the design and engineering of our products, ensuring that we meet our customers' present and future needs.