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Around Vehicle Monitoring System

inView 360

inView 360 is an around vehicle monitoring system that eliminates blind spots by giving drivers a real-time 360 degree view around the vehicle. Unlike traditional back-up cameras or mirror technology, inView 360 improves pedestrian safety and helps prevent collisions that lead to costly vehicle repairs, saving fleet operators thousands of dollars a year.   

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How it Works

Four cameras are strategically placed around the vehicle to capture a 195 degree ultra-wide angle view of each side of the vehicle. These four views are blended and stitched together in an Electronic Control Unit and then displayed to the driver in real-time as a single image on the dash-mounted monitor. 

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passenger safety

Improve Pedestrian Safety

Eliminate dangerous blind spots that threaten pedestrian safety

stress free parking

Stress-free parking

Avoid scrapes & dings when parking in tight spaces

vehicle damage

Prevent Vehicle Damage

Prevent costly repairs caused by low-impact collisions

save money

Avoid Liability Costs

Reduce liability claims with verifiable evidence when connected to a Seon DVR


360° Bird’s Eye View 

Four ultra-wide camera angles are stitched together to provide drivers with a real-time bird’s eye view of their vehicle.

7" Dash-Mounted Monitor

The video feed is conveniently displayed to the driver on a 7 inch dash-mounted monitor.

Five Camera Angles

A split screen displays a bird’s eye view plus an auto-changing front, rear, driver side or curb side view according to vehicle movement. 

No Driver Intervention

Views change automatically according to driving conditions to avoid any driver distractions.

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