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ds2 camerasDS2 – Two-Camera Vehicle Event Recording System

Cost-effective Driver and Vehicle Monitoring Solution

Safe, efficient vehicle operation is at the core of every fleet safety program. The DS2 combines high-definition video recording, fleet telematics and vehicle operating data to produce a compact, economical driver and vehicle monitoring system with no recurring fees.  A high-definition (HD) camera captures the road ahead while a second HD camera ensures driver and passenger safety. A built-in LED indicator gives drivers instant feedback to correct unsafe habits immediately. With the most powerful event reconstruction features of any dual-channel event recorder on the market, DS2 gives fleet managers rich event information to identify risks to driver and passenger safety, coach better driver performance and reduce collision, insurance, and fleet operating costs.

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Powerful Event Reconstruction 

High-quality video and telematics data combine to give fleet managers multi-channel video and audio, vehicle speed and location, path travelled, and driver behavior data on a single screen for better incident review and driver coaching.


Built for Fleets

Unlike low-cost consumer dash cameras, the DS2 was built for fleets with commercial-grade hardware, solid-state recording, intuitive video player and Seon’s legendary reputation for quality. 


Small Footprint. Easy Install.

With no bulky digital video recorder (DVR), the DS2 camera is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, allowing for quick and easy install behind the rear view mirror to prevent driver distraction or view obstruction. 

SB 2Cam DS2 Map OBD

DS2 application shot

Key Features

High-Quality Video

Two high-definition cameras with built-in audio deliver forward & cab-facing camera views. 

Safety Monitoring

Built-in G-force sensor records driving event such as harsh braking or high-speed turning.

Solid State Recording

No moving parts with up to 466 hours of video/event data recording. 

Built for Fleets

Continuous or event-based recording with configurable inputs and alarms to support fleet workflows.

Full Location History

Built-in GPS displays path travelled and vehicle location on a map synchronized with camera views.

Super-Cap Power

Protects video recorded in case of sudden power loss such as an accident.

Low-light Operation

Interior Camera features IR Illumination for improved night-time video.

Dual Stream Video

A 2nd low res video stream enables video download and fast search.

Fast Boot

Video starts recording within 10 seconds of start-up.

Complete Event View

View cameras, GPS & telematics all on one screen.

Smooth Playback

Up to 60 frame per second recording prevents ‘jumpy’ video playback.

Easy Event Exports

Self-playing video with nothing to install make exported events easy to share.

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