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vMax® Live Plus

Real-time fleet tracking and management system, now with live video streaming

Access live, real-time fleet information, anytime, anywhere and get instant insight on any driver, vehicle, or route. Video and vehicle data in one simple, web-based application lets you see what’s happening on your fleet and address it immediately – improving public safety and saving money.

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  • Find a Bus in an Instant
  • Easily Track Vehicle Movement
  • Real-time Fleet Status and Alerts


Key Features

vmax live 36 Vehicle Status

Find a Bus in an Instant
Pinpoint the exact location of any bus in your fleet right now at the click-of-a-button.

Easily Track Vehicle Movement
Track a bus in real-time with the breadcrumb trail or display a historical vehicle track to investigate a prior issue.

Real-time Fleet Status and Alerts
Get updates and critical alerts on bus location, direction, speeds, stops, and alarms every 20 seconds.

VML 36 Zone

Fully Integrated with Video Surveillance
Get the only fleet tracking solution that is seamlessly integrated with your video surveillance system; putting you in the driver’s seat in any situation.

DVR Health-Check
Monitor the live status of every Seon DVR, camera, and hard drive on every bus.

Live Video Streaming
Tap into a live feed of any installed bus camera in an emergency situation.

Instant Fleet Insight 
Powerful built-in reporting gives you access to real-time information to make better decisions, saving you time, money, and a lot of headaches.

Zero-in on Fleet Inefficiencies
Identify fuel and time-wasters — report on excessive idling, speeding, and mileage by bus, route, or driver.

Advanced Fleet Reports
Generate real-time reports and even zero in on a zone of interest for a deep dive into fleet operations.

vMax Live Plus New Features

vMax Live Plus Live Video Streaming

Tap into video on the bus in real-time in an emergency situation.

Live video streaming lets you connect to your Seon video surveillance system via the cellular network to get a live look at the situation, as well as listen to audio, from any installed camera. 

  • Web-based, remote access to live bus camera footage 
  • Monitor on-board events in real-time
  • A map-based fleet view makes locating video quick and easy

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