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Put yourself in the driver’s seat of any vehicle in your fleet in an emergency. Live video streaming lets you connect to a Seon video surveillance system in real-time, via a secure cellular network connection, to view video and audio from any installed bus camera. 

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Monitor on-board activity from anywhere

Whether you are in the office or on the road, you can access live camera footage from any Internet-connected device to assess and respond to emergency situations in seconds.


Maximize access, minimize data charges

Our unique video streaming server technology minimizes cellular data usage charges while maximizing the number of users that can access on-board footage at the same time. 


Secure, password-protected video feed

A highly secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection is established between the Seon DVR and the video streaming server to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive video. 


Unique dual-streaming technology

You never have to sacrifice the quality of your recorded video for the privilege of streaming it live. A second low-res video stream suitable for cellular networks is used for live streaming. 

Live Streaming: How it Works


Seon’s live video streaming service is carefully architected to offer both security and accessibility, while managing coverage issues and unpredictable data rates typical of cellular networks.

1. Secure Cellular Connection is Established

The Smart-Reach Cellular router establishes a secure, VPN connection over the cellular network between the Seon DVR and the video streaming server.

2. Low-res Video Stream is Transmitted 

A low-res video stream, designed for remote viewing over cellular, is transmitted from the Seon DVR to the video streaming server and accessible in your web-based live viewing application.

3. Access Video and Audio in Real-time

Multiple users on any Internet-connect device can select the bus they want to access, the camera view they want to see, and the microphone they want to access for audio.

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