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vMax® Trac – Student Ridership Tracking

Simple, secure & accurate – real-time student location information


Student tracking is an important safety tool for every school bus fleet. Student tracking will reduce the time to respond to a number of concerns from parents or school administrators. With student tracking, transportation staff can identify whether a student is on the bus, missed the bus, or got off at the wrong stop – essential information when a student is missing or a school bus has been in an accident.

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Instant, Accurate Student Ridership Counts
Don’t depend on annual student ridership surveys or manual student counting for school transportation funding. Get accurate counts of actual student ridership at any time of the year at the click-of-a-button.

Quickly and Efficiently Locate Missing Students
Respond to emergency situations in record time with up-to-the minute information on student location. Web-based access to student ridership gives you real-time information on what students are travelling on each bus in your fleet, letting you pinpoint a specific student’s location at any given moment.

Extra Verification with Video Integration
Seon is the only student tracking provider that can give you the added protection of video verification of student ridership. Get visual verification that a student actually boarded the bus, instead of having a friend tap his RFID card by accessing video footage from that date and time.

How it Works

Seon’s student tracking solution uses RFID technology to identify vehicle occupants. As students and drivers enter and exit a vehicle, ID numbers are processed and sent to Seon’s vMax Live Plus servers over a secure cellular connection. This provides real-time access to vehicle occupant information, rapid lookup of last known student location, and no transmission of student names or personal information.



RFID Solutions for Student Tracking
Seon’s student tracking solution uses RFID technology to identify vehicle occupants. The student simply places their student ID card near a touch-based RFID reader as they enter or exit the bus. The ID numbers are processed and sent to Seon’s vMax Live Plus server over a secure cellular connection for immediate student ridership verification.

Key Components

Touch-based Reader System
Students place a card onto the surface of this visibly mounted scanner. Typically mounted near the driver, this solution provides visual confirmation an audible beep when a student RFID card is correctly read.

Student ID Cards
Cards with a unique number are issued to students to place on the RFID reader upon entering and exiting the bus. This unique number is transmitted via the cellular network and matching with student information after transmission, protecting student privacy.

VML Controller
This hardware, also used for live vehicle tracking, enables student RFID card numbers to be transmitted in real-time over the cellular network for instant availability of student location information to school administrators.

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