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vMax® Pulse

Generic Pulse Main dashboardWireless Health Check for Bus Surveillance Systems

vMax Pulse is a low-cost, cloud-based service that lets fleet managers pro-actively check the health of their bus surveillance systems from anywhere on any device via a convenient dashboard.  See which hard drives were not replaced and any other system maintenance needed immediately, even for multiple fleets or yards, without setting foot on the bus. vMax Pulse health check visibility enables you to arrange for maintenance efficiently assuring video evidence will be there the next time footage is required.

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How it Works

A vMax Pulse sensor installed on every bus sends video system health-check information to a receiver in the yard – the vMax Pulse Controller. Each controller relays bus status information via a local cellular link to the Seon cloud server to deliver fleet managers a convenient dashboard view of the surveillance system health status of every bus in your fleet.

For Contractors managing multiple fleets, vMax Pulse provides health-check visibility for single or multiple fleets simultaneously.

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Avoid trips to the bus to check camera system health


tracking reports icon

Easily spot and resolve video system maintenance Issues

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Prevent costly fines or lawsuits caused by missing video evidence

vMax Pulse – What You Get

  • On the Bus

    On the Bus

    Connects to Seon DVR to transmit Hard Drive, Recording, GPS and Camera health status
  • In the Yard

    In the Yard

    Communicates with vMax Pulse sensors and sends bus health-check status to the Seon cloud server
  • On Any Device

    On Any Device

    Delivers graphical dashboard of video system health and bus status
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Video System Health Dashboard

A user-friendly dashboard provides a summary view of DVRs not recording, unlocked hard drives, camera and GPS outages.

Color-coded Graphical View by Bus

Identify each bus' maintenance needs by bus number. Zero in on the maintenance required with an easy-to-read graphical icon.

Filter By Fleet

The display can be configured to show health-check status for a single fleet or multiple fleets simultaneously.

Know Timing of Health-Check Update

Time duration since last health-check keeps you up to date with last known status.


Simple to Use & Manage

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Access vMax Pulse from anywhere on any device with Internet connectivity!

Easy Add-on for Every Bus in Your Fleet

You can easily add vMax Pulse service to your fleet with a Seon surveillance system for one low monthly cost per bus.

Quick & Easy Install

A small vMax pulse sensor mounts easily on the bus and the controller can be installed anywhere in your maintenance shop.

Self-Manage Your Site

Easily match bus numbers to vMax Pulse sensors if new buses are added or sensors are switched to a different bus. To add Pulse coverage for a new yard, simply install a new vMax Controller – no configuration needed.

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