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FAQNot sure if you need a camera system on your school bus?

Here are some frequently asked questions, please contact us if you have any unanswered questions.

Why have a camera system on a school bus?

What is in a camera system?

What else can the DVR record?

Why record signals on the DVR?

Why record g-sensor events?

Why record panic button alarms?

Why have GPS on a school bus?

School Bus Routing Software FAQs:

What can a routing software program do for my School District?

What is web based routing?

How is vMax Compass Software different from other routing products?

What is TRUE fleet scheduling/routing?

What is TRUE route optimmization?

Some routing products can only create one route at a time. Can and should more be expected?

Why is web based routing better?

Why have a camera system on a school bus?

Camera systems monitor student and driver behaviour during routes, and record the external environment. School bus cameras can capture bullying between students as well as accusations against the driver. With video footage, you no longer have to resolve conflicting stories about interactions on the bus.

Why have a camera system on a school bus

What is in a camera system?

A typical school bus camera system consists of 2 to 8 dome or wedge specialized mobile cameras, a mobile digital video recorder, wiring harnesses, and video playback and archiving software.

What's in a school bus camera system

What else can the DVR record?

The DVR can record signals from the vehicle, including braking, right and left turning, warning lights, and stop-arm deployment. It can also record G-sensor events, vehicle speed, alarms, and idle time.

School Bus DVR records signals

Why record signals on the DVR?

By recording the school bus signals you monitor driver behavior and confirm if the driver has followed proper procedure, including braking, warning lights, and stop-arm. Video can be tagged with events, then you can search video that occured when the signal was deployed. The most common signal for this is stop-arm and panic button.

GPS path signals telemetry

Why record G-Sensor events?

G-sensor measures any amount of force that was exerted on the vehicle during the route. For example, if the driver took a hard turn, or if there was a collision with another vehicle, the force of movement is measured by the G-sensor. If acceptable measurements are exceeded, an alarm is triggered and you can retrieve the video around that alarm to view the event.

DVR records g-sensor events

Why record panic button alarms?

Panic button alarms are triggered by drivers to mark a time when an incident occurred so it is more easily retrievable and searchable in the recording.

Panic button

Why have GPS on a school bus?

When GPS is installed on your bus, the position and speed of the vehicle is stored for the entirety of the route. When reviewing the video, you can also view a map of the route the vehicle traveled. GPS offers improved time accuracy of the DVR recording.

Commander 5 GPS Tracks

What can a routing software program do for my School District?

A good (and truly automated) routing program can do numerous things for your school district. Some of the key items are:

What is web based routing?

True Web Based routing is the ability to actually create and modify routes using only a Web Browser (e.g., Internet Explorer or Firefox etc.,) without having to download or install any special software on your computer.

How is vMax Compass Software different from other routing products?

vMax Compass is: ​

What is TRUE fleet scheduling/routing?

In the K-12 Context, True Fleet Scheduling/Routing is the task of taking a list of bus stops, including the number of riders per stop and the schools they attend and then combining that information with a list of vehicles in a fleet including the capacity of each vehicle and producing routes for each vehicle such that all stops are serviced and all students are correctly transported to the right school on time.

A software is considered a true fleet routing software if it can take the input specified (i.e., Stop list and Vehicle list) and automatically produce routes for multiple vehicles:

If software only builds one route at a time and requires the user to always indicate which stops are to be placed on a single route, then that is not a true fleet routing software.

What is TRUE route optimmization?

True route optimization is the process of creating multiple routes through a set of bus stops and optimizing such stops to route assignments. Taking into account school bell time, bus capacities, student equipment needs etc. that:

True route optimization is much more than just finding the shortest path for one vehicle through a group of stops.

Some routing products can only create one route at a time. Can and should more be expected?

Absolutely! More should be expected and more is available. Creating one route at a time where the user is required to list out the stops that need to go on a single route is not true automated software routing and is actually the same as the manual process of building routes with paper maps and pencils. True routing software should be able to do much more than find the shortest path connecting a set of stops on a single route.

Why is web based routing better?

There are numerous reasons why Web Based routing is preferred over old desktop technology. Some of the important reasons are: ​

HD Camera System

See what you’ve been missing – in high-definition


Sticky situations often require closer investigation. See the details you’ve been missing with this high-definition camera system. Featuring one HD video channel and dual streaming technology essential for real-time video viewing, this 5-channel HD camera system is the ideal choice for detailed school bus surveillance.

Customize camera positions to capture what’s most important to you:

  • Student loading/off-loading
  • Driver behavior
  • Student behavior
  • Accident reconstruction 
  • Stop-arm violations

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Live Fleet Tracking

Track any bus in your fleet in real-time


Need to find a bus in a hurry? Want instant information to answer parent complaints about missed stops? vMax Live Plus gives you powerful GPS/AVL tracking features to monitor your fleet in real-time. Get all the tools you need to maximize fleet efficiency and respond to safety concerns — in one convenient web-based application, fully integrated with your routing and video systems.

  • Map-based view of every bus in your fleet
  • Live vehicle status such as speed, direction, idling, stops
  • Routing & video integration
  • Fleet management reports to identify fuel savings and operational efficiencies

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School Bus Surveillance in HD

Capture Everything with Clarity

The TH Series offers a choice of up to 6 standard or high-definition cameras with up to 1080p resolution for sharper images and better evidence. Hybrid technology offers the ultimate in flexibility, adding clarity where you need it and supporting existing cameras where you don’t. And unlike other hybrid systems on the market, the TH Series HD cameras are simple to install, with no complicated programming.

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hd camera views icon

ALL-HD Surveillance

Up to 6 HD channels of crystal clear video 

hybrid icon 2

Hybrid Technology

Supports any combination of HD or standard definition cameras

plug and play icon

Easy Upgrade

Simple plug and play camera installation

Choice of Digital Video Recorders 

6 Channel – TH6

th6 web

6 Channel HD video & audio
D1/720p/1080p recording
2 TB Hard Drive Storage
Wireless/GPS ready
Supercaps Power Protection

4 Channel – TH4

th4 web

4 Channel HD video & audio
D1/720p recording
1 TB Hard Drive Storage
Wireless/GPS Ready

4 Channel – TH4C

TH4C web straight

4 Channel HD video & audio
D1/720p recording
512 GB SD Card Storage
Integrated G-sensor

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Recommended Cameras

High-definition low profile dome and IP-67 rated wedge cameras for up to 1080p resolution inside and out.

HD3W (TH6 Only) 

HD3W front sm
Learn More 

HD3Q (TH6 Only) 

HD3Q sm 2
Learn More 


HD1q frontLearn More


HD1W front smLearn More


hd comparison th6 7

Sharper Images. Better Evidence.

Capture the finer details in any light condition with HD cameras, ideal for prosecuting stop-arm violators, or identifying unwanted on-board student behavior.

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th6 monitor vmax view




Get the Whole Truth.

Multiple camera views and vehicle operating data, such as GPS location, signals and speed, all on one screen give transportation managers a complete picture of what really happened.

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vmax commander yard wifi 3





Automatic Wireless Video Downloading

Automatic video downloading installed by certified wireless professionals gives transportation managers instant access to the right video & telematics data to make better decisions faster.

Learn More

School Bus Camera Systems

Safety from every angle

camera angles 8 cams 1Seon’s school bus camera systems capture video and audio of exactly what’s happening on the bus and let drivers keep their eyes on the road. Identify bullying, vandalism, student discipline problems, and driver safety issues and get the evidence you need to resolve problems quickly and easily.

  • High-resolution digital video recording
  • Playback software with privacy blurring
  • Automatic video downloading via WiFi
  • Video synchronized with telematics data

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